Big Chipper Spray Gun

The innovative Straight-Thru™ Low Pressure Atomization design on the Big Chipper Spray Gun enables this gun to spray materials that normally would clog competitive guns.  A pneumatically triggered valve rod replaces a conventional needle and seat. Many materials require that they be air atomized in order to break into a spray pattern. The trick is to introduce the air in such a way as to maximize atomization and minimize overspray and fuming.

The RimCraft Big Chipper is the ONLY gun on the market that accomplishes this, while still allowing thick and heavily filled materials to pass through without clogging. As a result, large granite chips are effortless for this gun with its ¼” passage. In addition to Granite Gel Coats, the Big Chipper easily sprays Metal Flake, Glass Flake, Fibered Resins, Barrier Coats and Sprayable Polyester Putties such as Spray Core® and Machineable Tooling Syntactics.

This gun also requires extremely low pressures to feed it, resulting in dramatically reduced wear and tear on your pumping system, saving you cost. MACT requires that you use maximum achievable control for a particular material and process. This is the gun that does just that.

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