Mega Chipper

There are two versions of this gun - the Mega Chipper and the Maxi Chipper.

The Mega Chipper has a larger bore than the Big Chipper Gun, incorporating a modified version of our Gypsum Spray Gun Nozzle. It includes a 3/8” bore and the same pneumatically triggered valve rod, for more than twice the cross-sectional area.

The Maxi Chipper has a 5/8” bore with a manual valve and can spray chips as large as 1/2'” while maintaining a soft spray pattern to minimize bounceback of chips.

Both of these guns spray chips so large that they cannot be fed by pumps. These large chips keep the check balls in pumps from seating. Instead, they must be fed by specially modified pressure pots with feed pressures less than 10 PSI.

This is all it takes to get the material up to where the gun takes over.  Thick and heavily filled materials spray as nicely as paint. These guns are the answer to Hard-to Spray materials that are impossible to process through other guns.

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