RimSlave System

The Patented RimSlave Pump system is a compact metering unit that offers high-volume output for polyesters and vinylesters. It is comprised of a simple and unique combination of a Diaphragm Pump with a linkage to drive an adjustable Catalyst Slave Pump. It has no pistons or seals to wear out so it shines when pumping filled resins. The Diaphragm Pumps are offered with both 1:1 and 3:1 pump ratios in either Polypropylene, Aluminum or Stainless Steel housings. It is inherently low pressure so it does not need to be choked down like other expensive and complicated systems on the market. The RimSlave is a perfect choice for RTM and RTM Lite, Infusion Feed, Filament Winding Feed, Resin Casting and Pouring and Granite Gel Coat Spraying. Much of the RimCraft product line is based on the RimSlave Pumping System.

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