RimCaster GFRC Continuous Mixer

RimCaster Continuous Mixer (standard)

  • 3HP Direct Gear Drive Continuous Mixer, Chassis Mounted with Rear Hinge Door for Hopper Cleanout
  • 3 Phase 208/230 Electric Power. 20 Ft. Power Cord (specify plug)
  • NEMA 4X Control Box with Variable Speed Controller, Start/Stop
  • DC Motor Controlled Triple Diaphragm Pump for Water, Polymer and Plasticizer Injection in the Mix Chamber with Clean Water Purge
  • 90 PSI Air, Fresh Water (garden hose hook-up) and 208/230V 3 phase 20 amp circuit required
  • Battery operated digital flow meter with liquid flow control mounted on operator reachable swing arm including on/off/on toggle switch for powder only or powder and liquid together
  • Bypass Switch for Liquid Only for Fresh Water Prime and Purge
  • 250 Lb. Material Hopper with Vibrator and Removable Metering Screw for E-Z clean-out
  • E-Z to Remove Metering Bushing
  • Metering Screw with Breaker Bars
  • 7 Ft. Liquid Siphon Assy.


  • Additional metering screws of various outputs
  • Metering bushing
  • Hopper Extension
  • Floor Base Extension
  • Ground Hopper Continuous Powder Feed.

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