RimSpray GFRC

RimSpray Black Max-C Features:

  • Simple Design - Easy Maintenance
  • Exclusive RimSpray 32mm GFRC pump
  • Water wash-down provision with water purge for air passages on gun
  • Easy roll heavy duty powder coated chassis
  • Easy to remove 15 gallon stainless steel hopper with exclusive Quik-Clamp
  • 12 Ft articulation boom with cerammic roving guides (3 piece boom available)
  • Complete 25 ft hose set
  • Apollo spray gun for both Face Mix and Back-up Sparying with easy nozzle change

Also Available:

  • RimSpray Black Max Concentric Gun
  • Titan Pistola Face Coat Gun
  • External Chopper Gun
  • Premix Stanless Steel 18" 90° or 45° Plole Gun
  • 20 or 30 Gallon Hopper
  • International Voltages with 2 HP DC Motor POA
  • SkiniMini Face Coat Gun
  • Black Max GFRC Mixer
  • Portable Mix Lift

NOTE: A similar unit is also available to spray chop GRG materials using a retarding/activating alpha Gypsum chemistry with a concentric spray gun

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