About FRP Equipment

RimCraft Technologies was opened in 1982 as a consulting firm in High Point, North Carolina. RimCraft aided companies that developed new materials by locating spray or dispensing equipment. As the years passed and newer materials came to market, RimCraft found it harder to locate equipment directly off the shelf.

RimCraft worked closely with the large equipment manufactures in designing custom equipment for these new materials, but the cost for such equipment became out of reach for the smaller companies. As more and more composites companies turned to RimCraft for help in solving their processing needs, it became apparent that RimCraft had to start manufacturing their own systems to remain competitive.  During this time RimCraft became known as the, "Off The Wall, Not Off The Shelf!" supplier.

Two years ago, RimCraft was acquired by FRP Equipment.com, Inc. but continues to manufacture the entire RimCraft line of equipment and more. Today, FRP is located in Concord, North Carolina. This facility is equipped with a Machine Shop, Metal Fabricating Area, and a large inventory of parts. FRP believes in offering state-of-the-art cutting edge technologies in material processing at an affordable price, while maintaining the highest standard of quality that our customers deserve. Our designs feature simplicity in its purest form with an ease of maintenance point-of-view.


"...we (are) happy with our decision to go with your product...I am so happy that I went
...and saw what and how real GFRC machinery should work... You make an
excellent product..."  Concrete Jungle Inc

“I know that if we had not chosen you for our purchase, we simply would not have known what we were missing. However, we chose you and took delivery of equipment that was built on well thought out engineering and highly skilled craftsmanship. It is no wonder that Jeff and Lane at CCI chose your company to teach GFRC. I look forward to reaching greater heights of success in this venue of my business and to the long-term relationship with you. Again, my sincerest and deepest heart felt thanks!” ...... Faust Contracting Co, Inc


Our Specialties

RimCraft has always been the leader in Gypsum processing equipment. Now that FRP manufactures the entire RimCraft line, expect even better.  We are currently building our own pumping system that promises to bring a new edge to our product. FRP builds both Spray for Facecoat and Chopper for backup as well as accelerated casting systems.

FRP is fast becoming a significant force in the GFRC equipment market. Already recognized as the leader in GFRG, we have applied these details to our Cement line. We have found that the details are what make a huge difference in promoting flow and EZ cleaning of these difficult-to-pump materials. Look for the RimSpray GFRC Mini for ease of maneuverability in small shops (ie: Concrete Countertops) and outdoor applications. The full size RimSpray Black Max unit is taking the GFRC Industry by storm!

FRP Equipment manufactures a variety of specialty Resin-Based equipment for the composites industry. From low-pressure diaphragm/ slave for RTM and Infusion to variable ratio Urethane and Epoxy units. We also excel in systems for Spray Granite Gel Coats along with sprayable Polyester Putties and Barrier Coats. We build the finest Putty Dispensers and Resin Casting systems on the market.