Traffic Loop Sealer

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Traffic Loop Sealer
Dispensing Systems

The RimCraft Loop Sealer Dispensing System (RCLSD2004) is a two component Polyester designed specifically for traffic loop sealing  applications. It is designed for Ultra-Fast setting compounds that allow you to quickly dispense and move to the next section in less than 10 minutes

With the RCLSD2004 system, traffic loops can be filled faster with less material waste. The RCLSD2004 system eliminates all hand mixing and pouring of the traffic loop sealer materials. This provides less hazardous conditions for the traffic loop installers.

The two components are metered into a static mixer through the RCLSD2004 gun providing a thorough mix. The RCLSD2004 gun is equipped with a wand extension that allows the operator to remain in an upright position, reducing back fatigue. Flushing of an inexpensive static mixer is the only requirement after each use.

The RimCraft RCLSD2004 Traffic Loop Sealer Dispensing System is available in a variety of custom configurations. Our standard configuration is a 55-Gallon Plate Mount. The system can be mounted to the optional RimCraft EZ Load Heavy Duty Trailer and optional 8 HP gasoline air compressor.  Various hose lengths are available, 100 feet maximum.

Also available are the 5 Gallon pail mount units on a compact 4 wheel cart and the 8 gallon fully self-contained hopper-fed unit complete with 5 HP air compressor.



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